Our Guides: Buying A Caravan In Benidorm

We understand that buying or selling a caravan in Benidorm (or anywhere else in Spain!) can be daunting and you may not be sure how the sales process actually works. This can often be reason why people desperate to discover their dream caravan for sale in Benidorm, don’t have the confidence to make the move. We want to empower both buyers and sellers! And above all, give you the confidence to carry out your own sale, in the correct way to suit both parties.

Is Buying A Caravan In Benidorm Different To Buying A Caravan In The UK?

Buying a caravan in a different country can be daunting as you’d think that things are done differently over in Spain. This is not the case. We follow exactly the same process that any private sales agreement would be done in the UK. In most cases the sales agreement is done between the buyer and seller (with sales documents provided by the seller).

To help you out we’ve put together a couple of pointers to follow:

  1. Find a caravan that you’re interested in and make contact with the seller through the contact form on the advert.
  2. Ask as many questions as possible – age of caravan, caravan model, any alterations that have been made, whats included (an inventory of what’s included in the sale always provides useful).
  3. Confirm the asking price and site fees for the plot.
  4. Arrange to view the caravan.
  5. Meet the seller and confirm the information that was previously given.
  6. Visit the campsite office: confirm the sites fees, Make sure all payments are upto date for that plot. Check to see whether the caravan can stay on the plot. Request a copy of the campsite rules.
  7. Agree a sales price.
  8. Place a 10% holiding deposit. Request a receipt and written inventory for the items included in the sale.
  9. Agree a changeover date.
  10. Upon changeover date arrange for remaining funds to clear the sellers account. This is generally done whilst both buyer and seller are together by way of bank transfer. Notify your bank beforehand that you’ll be making payment to avoid delays.
  11. Request a full sales receipt which includes both buyers and seller details – full name, address, passport numbers. Caravan model and vin number, plot number, sales inventory.
  12. Once the funds have cleared the sellers account, both buyer and seller will go to the office to complete the changeover.
  13. The office will register your details for that plot.

Selling A Caravan In Benidorm

Selling a caravan in Benidorm can be as daunting as buying a caravan. But, it doesn’t have to be. The most difficult part is getting your sale out and advertised to potential buyers but this is where we come in. Advertise your caravan for sale as a free classified ad and wait for the enquiries to come flooding in. You’ll respond to all enquiries so you’ll be in full control of your sale.

Once you have the viewings lined up make sure your caravan is viewed in it’s best presentable state by removing all clutter, excess personal belongings and clean it like you’ve never cleaned before!

When the potential buyer arrives make them feel welcome and show them everything they ask to see. Show them how great the campsite is (if you’re on one) and be honest! If a buyer asks a question and suspects they’re not getting an accurate answer it will put them off. Explain things like estimated running costs based on your own use. In addition, show them upto date paid utility bills and site fee payments.

If you’re on a Benidorm Campsite show them around and boast about the facilities. Show them the campsite clubhouse and entertainment programme. This is generally one of the biggest factors when people choose a campsite. Finally, introduce them to other caravan owners and neighbours as this will show them the lifestyle they could leave. It also shows them how achievable their dream of owning a caravan in Benidorm really is.

We hope you’ve found this article useful and helped you whether you’re buying or selling your caravan in Benidorm, Albir or El Campello. Check out our other guides here.

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